The used boat: the shortest way between you and your boat

Sell a boat

vendre un bateau

At the port of Valence, a special pontoon is reserved for boats for sale. Let us sell your boat for you and the first month’s berth is free.

You own a boat and are thinking of selling it. You want to increase your chance of success with as little hassle as possible.


Our mandate is non-exclusive, you may sell your boat yourself without obligation to us. If we find a buyer, our commission rate is 7% plus VAT, on the final selling price.

Step 1: estimation

We take time together to inspect your boat thoroughly, in order to:
- Estimate its value on the market.
- Make a complete inventory of what you leave on board.
- Produce a series of digital photos.
- Advise you on how to get your boat ready for sale.
- Prepare the sales argument.
- Sign the mandate for sale.

Step 2: communication

In order to ensure the maximum efficiency we multiply the means of communication.
- Advertising on our website.
- Advertising in specialized magazines and websites.
- Posting ads in port authority buildings.
- Targeted mailing to potential customers from our database.
- Presence at sailing events.

Step 3: The sale

Lose no time on unnecessary trips. We are on the spot to deal with the different steps in selling your boat through to signing:
- Accompanied visits.
- Verification of motor engines.
- Handling and expertise, if need be.
- Negotiation.
- Signature of the provisional sales agreement.
- Secure transaction.
- Paperwork.